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Thumb Cactus (Mammillaria Matudae) | Information 

Mammillaria matudae is a columnar cactus that offsets basally to form wide clusters in time. The stem is tidy in youth, but it tends to sag as it elongates, giving the old plant its characteristic sprawling habit.

Thumb Cactus gets its name from the shape of its plant. Please let us know if you have this plant.

Mammillaria matudae - Thumb Cactus - Top View

Information about Magenta flowers

This section will provide information about the common characteristics of this flower and the Cactus.

Shape of magenta flower

Magenta flowers are typically found 2-5cm from the tip of a cactus. There are many options for color choices.

The flower location and how it got its name

The flowers are attractive and tubular with meganta color on the outer petals. The stigma is prominent and whitish, while the corolla throat is yellow with yellow coloration.

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