The Best Places to Purchase Solid Wood Furniture [2022]

Have you ever heard this saying? “They don’t make them like that anymore”? Close your eyes, and imagine your grandmother, aunt or uncle, mentor, family friend, or grandfather. They are the ones who have shared many words of wisdom including this phrase. Imagine the feeling you get when you enter their home. The warmth of a vintage solid wood armoire, or the smooth wooden side tables with rich natural wood grain that bring the room to life. These are pieces that tell a family history, the works of art that are the centerpieces of memories, the things that make a house a home, the pieces that you might think are impossible to replicate…because “they don’t make them like that anymore”…or do they?

Before you start planning, Sweet talk your extended family to let them bring the family heirlooms for the next holiday or housewarming partyLet us tell you a little secret. “they”Actually Do “make them like that”. Quality is not all about the product. You can find furniture by looking through antique sales or your great-aunt’s attic. We have compiled a list of You can buy at these places quality, solid wood furniture that won’t break the bank, but will bring a lifetime of happiness and the same feeling of nostalgia as your grandma’s china cabinet. So. So. “that”What does it actually mean? Two magic words: solidwood.

Solid wood furniture is a great option for those who want something more unique than furniture made of composite wood materials or MDF. Find out where to buy solid wood furniture. You can find out more below!


Solid wood is a term that distinguishes natural wood from engineered and mixed wood materials. Solid wood is not made from thin veneers or wood strips bound by adhesives, but from solid pieces of lumber.

When you Feel solid wood furniture, it could have some texture. It’s noticeably heavier and more durable compared to furniture made with cheaper materials such as particleboard. Solid wood can last for many decades, whereas cheaper furniture may only last for a few years.


Solid wood furniture offers several advantages over other wood types. It doesn’t require additional chemicals or adhesives like those used to make engineered woods.

It is also easier to repair and touch up because it is made of solid wood pieces and not thin layers. Solid wood pieces can often be disassembled and assembled because the wood is more resistant to damage from unscrewing attachments. Solid wood furniture is also legitimately reminiscent of wood furniture because it is made with real, natural wood.

Solid wood furniture is stronger, more resistant to moisture, and will last longer. However, it tends to be more expensive due to the material quality. However, this doesn’t mean getting solid wood furniture has to break the bank. Furniture retailers that are newer have set out to make solid wood furniture more affordable for customers.

Solid wood furniture has the added benefit of being durable, which counters the culture of disposable consumption. Low-quality wood products are less durable and end up in landfills more quickly than those made from high-quality materials. There is an old saying: “cheap is expensive”. You will end up paying more if you buy cheap furniture repeatedly. If you buy furniture made from engineered wooden, it is likely that the furniture will last only a few more years before you need to purchase new furniture. Solid wood furniture can last for decades. It is more affordable to buy a single piece high-quality furniture than to replace it repeatedly over many years.

We compared 8 furniture stores to compare how they stack up in solid wood.



Grain Wood Furniture offers 100% solid wood products at an exceptional value proposition.

Grain Wood Furniture products only use solid pine wood from Brazilian forests (no natural rainforests), so that you can feel confident that you are always purchasing environmentally responsible. Every piece of furniture is made from solid pine wood. furniture at Grain Wood is lab tested for VOCs and formaldehyde so you can feel confident it’s safe to have in your home

All pieces arrive flat-packed for easy assembly at your home and are promptly delivered right to you. It is difficult to resist the offer of free shipping on all orders. Grain Wood operates at a low margin. This means that there are no tedious price comparisons, deals hunting, or waiting for prices drop. Shopping Grain Wood’s solid wood furniture items means you are getting the very best price every single time.

Because Grain Wood Furniture also designs their furniture in house and works closely with the manufacturer, they provide incredibly high-quality customer service that you won’t find at furniture marketplaces or storesThey sell furniture from many brands and manufacturers. Grain Wood offers service representatives that are skilled in customer interactions and knowledgeable about the details of the product.

All this means that we believe is the #1 place to buy solid wood furniture.

2. WAYFAIR has become the largest furniture retailer in the U.S. in recent years thanks to the growth of e-commerce.

They offer a wide range of furniture and decorative products in an Amazon-like online marketplace. You can search for solid wood products to find many options, which can be very helpful for people who aren’t sure what they want. Wayfair also hosts several of Grain Wood’s solid wood furniture items.

We recommend that you carefully read reviews and review details before you make a purchase. Wayfair is open to all sellers, so products can vary widely. You should ensure that you do not buy from a low-quality or unethical vendor.

Wayfair sells many flat-packed products, but they also offer professional assembly services for an additional fee.


Ashley homepage

Ashley Homestore offers a more traditional big box. Furniture and home store that offersA variety of products are available

Their solid wood selection is smaller than that of other retailers, considering their size. However, you might still be able to find a hidden gem.

Ashley Homestore might be a good option if you live near one of their stores and would like to buy offline.


Overstock homepage

Overstock is another similar online furniture marketplace to Wayfair. They offer a range of products from an equally large variety of vendors. You’ll even find Grain Wood Furniture’s products listed on here (though often at higher prices due to Overstock taking a cut)

Their solid wood furniture selection is fantastic. However, it is important to read reviews and research vendors to ensure that you are not disappointed.


Floyd bed page

This furniture startup offers a limited range of products. However, they seem to be high-quality in design and material quality. Solid wood seems to be the predominant material used in most of their products. They are trendy, but their high prices seem to clash against the minimalist design of the furniture.

You might like this if you aren’t afraid to be an early adopter and a fan of the trendy, modern, and minimalist style. Floyd.


Crate and barrel solid wood furniture search

Crate & Barrel sells mainly modern furniture, but also offers great solid wood options.

They are a traditional brick and mortar retailer. Great shopping is possible in stores experiences.


Pottery Barn is a classic choice for home decor and furniture that is chic and timeless. Similar to Crate and Barrel, they are a traditional brick and mortar retailer but also ship via their website.

They are a more expensive store, but they have more quality items. Pottery Barn is a great option if you don’t care about price but are looking for trendy, trend-setting products.


IKEA is known for selling affordable furniture made from particleboard. However, you may be surprised to discover that they also sell solid wood furniture. IKEA’s Hemnes collection has products that are “mostly solid wood”.

This is a great option for those who really can’t afford more expensive options and like this look. IKEA’s collection page for Hemnes describes it as having a “traditional-style” which is not quite the Nordic furniture retailer’s natural element.

The Hemnes collection is very limited in size – and not quite our style – so we’ve ranked this last on our list.


You can see that there are many solid wood options available.

Make sure you do your research when choosing solid wood furniture. Grain Wood puts a lot of effort into quality construction. Every piece has a fine-tuned human touch. Learn more about how it’s all made.

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