Tecoma Stans Plant

Tecoma – A evergreen Flowering plant

A evergreen Flowering Plant – Tecoma

Do you want to get a flower in your garden that is evergreen flowering plant? you should have Tecomo plant because it is an evergreen flower.

Want to know more about the Tecoma plant but before that please let me know what type of flowers you have in your garden in the comment section.

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Know About Tacoma Plant

Trumpet flower is a fast-growing shrub or small tree that can reach a height of 5 – 8 metres.
The plant is often grown as an ornamental by virtue of its many yellow trumpet-shaped, scented flowers, it is also sometimes cultivated for its medicinal virtues, as a hedge and to provide shade.

Tecoma flowering plant does not have any edible uses.

Tecoma flowering plant has the scientific name of Tecoma stans.

I bet you must have seen this flower plant in your neighborhood in india. Because this is evergreen flower plant so it is used daily in Pooja and spiritual work.

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