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Patanjali Green Tea / Divya Herbal Peya Review and information

Patanjali Green Tea

Green tea is really popular among the youth and health conscious Indian consumer. Patanjali also have understand this and launched Patanjali green tea to target new customers.

Green tea review

This product of Patanjali got good start in the market in starting because of the natural look and taste of the Tea.

We love Patanjali to be more natural as possible but the taste of this green tea is not recommended by most of the customers.

Dabur green tea is really popular in the this niche it has better taste and better packaging than Patanjali.

Patanjali Green Tea Prices

Patanjali Tea / Divya herbal Peya – 70 Rs for 50mg

Green Tea Recipe ( How to Make Green Tea)

Patanjali Green Tea


2 cups water
A spoonful of green tea
Juice of a half inch ginger
1 tsp Honey


Boil water and let it cool for few minutes
Add a teaspoon of green tea in it and let it brew for a minute or so
Thereafter, grate a half inch piece of ginger & add it to the tea mix
Add a teaspoon of Honey before serving.



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Let us know your favroite green tea from the above mention please tell us know in the comment section.