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Most Fragrant flowers in india

Most Fragrant flowers in india to have in your Garden

In india we have special place for flowers. we use flowers in every happy or good event at home or festival. So we have created a list of most fragrant flowers in india.

Flowers are used in wedding and Pooja etc. but what are some of the best fragrant flowers to have in your garden!

Mostly used flowers as fragrant are rose, mogra, lily and jasmine in india.

List of the Fragrant flowering india |Easy to grow

This list is not the ranking of the fragrant in order it is just a list of the flowers that has good fragrant and you can grow these in the india.

Scented Primrose

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Grows widely in Europe, primrose comes in colorful flowers with beautiful foliage and emanates mild fruity aroma. They herald the arrival of spring especially in the evening time, when the breeze sweeps through them.

Mock Orange

philadelphus coronarius mock orange

They are named “mock-orange” in reference to their flowers, which in wild species look somewhat similar to those of oranges and lemons (Citrus) at first glance, and smell of orange flowers and jasmine (Jasminum).

But Philadelphus is a basalasterid, not closely related to Jasminum (advanced asterids), and among the eudicots quite distant from Citrus (advanced rosids). 

Sampaguita or Jasminum Sambac

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It is the national flower of Philippines, also called as Arabian Jasmine & mogra. It is native to South-East Asia, blooms in hot summer.


Daphne Al

With its alluring fragrance this flower is a favorite of perfume industry. Also called as ‘jinchoge’ in Japanese, it is native to Korea and Japan. Not many gardeners grow Daphne because the care it needs. 


honeysuckle flowers Lonicera Japonica

It comes in many varieties that thrive everywhere, a very popular flower among those who love fragrant plants. Honeysuckle vine can reach a good height (upto 40 feet), loves warm environment.


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No such lists are possible without fragrant roses. Loveliest of all the flowers and popular, everyone who loves scent, should grow them.