Stevia Plant

Stevia Plant | A herb With nutrition [facts]

Facts and Information of Stevia Plant

The Stevia, (Stevia rebaudiana), also called sweet leaf, flowering plant in the aster family (Asteraceae), grown for its sweet-tasting leaves. Stevia plant is native to Paraguay, where it has a long history of use by the Guaraní people. 

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Stevia Plant Information

These are the basic details of the stevia plat.

Shape and size

Stevia is a tender perennial herb that reaches 30.5–80 cm (1–2.5 feet) in height. The oblong aromatic leaves are 2.5 cm (1 inch) long with a prominent midrib and are arranged oppositely along the stems.

Uses of Stevia Plant in Daily Life

This plant has leafs that contain a chemical that can act as a sweetener. This is why this plant is used fresh or dried to sweeten beverages or desserts or can be commercially processed into powdered noncaloric sweeteners


These are the nutrition Facts Stevia Plant

  • The small tubular flowers have five white petals and are borne in terminal clusters; the flowers are usually removed to improve the flavour of the leaves.
  • This plant is very low in calories and it is has more sweetness than sugar so it can be used as artificial sugar.
  • Consuming this plant as the sugar can reduce the blood pressure in the body. It is also confirmed in the labs too.
  • The most good fact is that you can have this plant as the sugar and it will not give you any dental problems.
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There are many products that are using stevia leaf as the sugar substitute. You can buy these from any other online store or general store near you.

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