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Best Plant for Balcony Garden India | List included

Best Plant for Balcony Garden India

Due to less space in india people are more towards balcony gardening in india.So we are here to help you with the list of best plant for balcony garden india.

These plants are best because they will not grow tall and they will not require much maintenance.

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These plants will be good for moderate sunlight and also for space optimization.


landscaping with hydrangea (5)_mini

It creates a beautiful spherical inflorescence variable in color depending on the pH level of the growing medium. Hydrangea likes frequent and abundant watering.



Sunny yellow daisies, the native of Africa are perfect for South and West facing balconies – their flowers open with the sun and close in the early evening.



Bushy habit, erect stems 50-100 cm. The plant has distinctive serrated leaves. It has many varieties with different colors of foliage.


Sweet Alyssum around snapdragons

Also known as the dragon flower, snapdragon produces small but fragrant flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.



If you have a shady balcony or you like to grow foliage plants, don’t forget about ferns. Most of them are suitable to grow in containers.

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