Pigface (Karkalla) – Australian Native Guide


The Pigface plant was used to treat scurvySince the arrival of the European Explorers. The juice can be used to soothe insect bites and treat jellyfish and other similar stings.

Mixing it with water helps to settle stomach problems such as diarrhoea or cramps. It can be used on skin to heal sunburns, mosquito bites and other skin conditions.

Combining honey and olive oil with the pigface plant has been used for tuberculosis treatment. The fruit is a laxative and can be used to treat ringworm.

The leaves’ juice can be mixed with water to make a gargle for sore throats or mild bacterial infections of your mouth.

How big can a pigface grow?

These groundcovers love to spread and can reach a width up to 3 meters.

Is it possible for carpobrotus roseii to stop fires spreading?

The pigface plants are very fleshy and fire-resistant. It can be used to create barrier plantings. Stop spreading forest fires.

Is it true that pigface can sometimes be considered an invasive species?

Many animals and birds eat the fruit of the plant, which is why they also spread their seed when eating mature fruit. These include rodents and rabbits as well as deer and rabbits. Many Carpobrotus species have been declared invasive in climates suitable to them.

The harm they cause is balanced against their value as firebreaks or food for wildlife. However, they can hinder the growth of native plant species.

How long does a pigface take to produce fruit.

It takes approximately one year for the pigface plants to start producing fruits.

If they hold sand dunes in their place, do pigface plants have deep roots?

Carpobrotus rossii has many shallow adventitious roots that are produced from the nodes on its stems.

How long can a pigface flower live?

Pigface is a perennial, and can live more than 2 years.

What purpose does pigface serve outside of the wild?

Pigface is an important food source for animals in Africa. The leaves are eaten by tortoises, baboons, and antelopes, while the flowers and fruits are consumed by baboons, antelopes, and porcupines.

Any undigested seed left behind by the animals is spread through their faeces. The faeces of the animals are spread through their feces. Puff adders and Cape cobras wait in dense pigface clumps to find their prey, while lizards shelter themselves with succulents.

Is pigface considered invasive in any other country than Australia?

It forms thick mats along the coasts, dunes, pastures and hillsides in California and the Mediterranean Region.

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