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Impatiens Walleriana | Care and Tips | Flower

Impatiens Walleriana Plant information and Tips 

Impatiens are the most common type of the flowers you will see in any garden. They are called impatiens walleriana.

Why they are so popular because of the variety of the color. Impatiens flowers are white, red, pink, violet, coral, purple, and (a relative newcomer) yellow.

The name of the plant is latin origin and impatiens, meaning “impatient.” 

Impatiens flower properties

  • a herbaceous plant with somewhat fleshy stems usually growing 30-80 cm tall.
  • its glossy green leaves (3-10 cm long) are borne on long stalks.
  • its brightly coloured flowers come in a wide range of colours with five petals and a characteristic ‘spur’ (20-32 mm long).
  • its fruiting capsules (about 15 mm long) are green and fleshy when young.
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How to Grow impatiens 

Grow impatiens flowers in well-drained soil enriched with hummus. Although they can, with sufficient water, be grown in partial sun in northerly regions, their great virtue is that they thrive in the shade.

In fact, they’re among the relatively few readily available, inexpensive flowering plants that will put on a great floral display even when grown in full shade.

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