High performance green roofs engineered for success

Want to make a neglected space useful? Need to meet sustainable development goals? From residential rooftops all the way to commercial buildings topped with turf and trees, installing a roof garden is a smart move for many reasons. They improve your building’s environmental performance, thermal insulation and climate responsiveness not to mention adding aesthetic value, wellbeing benefits and habitable space.

Your green roof is safe in our hands

The thing is, to reap all the benefits of a thriving green roof (and avoid disaster) you need to partner with a specialist. A proven expert who’ll plant for resilience and predictability by factoring in every variable before designing a properly engineered solution to fit. (Think sun/shade, wet/dry dynamics, shelter, reflected heat and light, size, slope, height, orientation, waterproofing, drainage, accessibility and load bearing implications for starters.) You need to know your garden rooftop transformation is in safe hands. You need a partner like Fytogreen.

Extensive green roof gardens – 140mm – 200mm profile depth

Extensive and semi-extensive roof gardens have a thin growing medium that can be transformed into a lush planted surface featuring low-growing succulents, native grasses, sedges and shrubs. We thoughtfully engineer and select appropriate species in the context of your site’s conditions and aesthetic so they grow into healthy resilient living systems. Our extensive roof gardens are subsurface irrigated and designed for low maintenance plus they’re so lightweight that even fully saturated they only weigh from 136kg/m2.

Intensive green roof gardens – 200mm – 1500mm+ profile depth

Intensive roof gardens are deeper and can sustain more complex landscapes, including shrubs, bushes, even 10m trees. Such landscapes can be used use as recreation, gardens or wildlife habitat. With increased depth and design intent, intensive green roofs are heavier than their extensive counterparts. But we account for this, along with a multitude of factors and influences, during the planning stages.

Ultra lighweight roof garden – ideal for Colorbond roofs

Fytogreens FytoArbour is a first in the industry and is becoming an extremely popular innovative greening solution for supplying lightweight roof gardens on metal deck roof systems (including Trimdek , corrugated and Klip lok).

The FytoArbour is only 25kg per lineal metre fully saturated weight (130mm x 200mm module). Engineer-certified construction executed with care and fire compliant options available. The modules are installed with non-penetrating fixing components, providing a self-contained modular hydroponic garden systems with a wide range of site specific species available to suit clients ascetic requirements.

It is the perfect solution for greening an existing metal roof that is not suitable for an extensive roof garden.

Sloped green roof gardens – up to 45 degrees

We’re known in the industry for our ability to green roofs others can’t. (We’ve been in the business longer, we’ve learnt what works, and our dedicated R&D department thrive on a challenge). In the case of sloping roofs with angles of 15 to 45 degrees, the secret to our success is careful planning and the Geoweb Cellular confinement system. By preventing sliding, it allows us to construct gardens on previously unfeasible roofs with spectacular results.

Their knowledge can’t be matched… I routinely recommend Fytogreen

It’s a pleasure working with Geoff, Erik and the rest of the Fytogreen team. They’re proactive, extremely generous with their time and happy to share their expertise. Their knowledge of substrates, irrigation, drainage, water proofing, and the structural load bearing implications of  green roofs, walls and facades is unparalleled. Furthermore, their botanical and horticultural   knowledge can’t be matched by any other provider in Australia.

I routinely recommend Fytogreen to colleagues and clients explaining that if you need a solution  to your living architecture or green infrastructure challenge – Fytogreen are the ones to assist.”

Warwick Savas, Senior Associate Landscape Architect, Aspect Studio


Reduces heat island effect, energy consumption and greenhouse gas


Reduces stormwater run-off volume and rate which decreases flash flooding.


Absorbs, reflects and deflects sound waves giving excellent noise reduction particularly low frequency sounds.


Specially designed and engineered to deal with moisture, plant positioning, access and sheer force challenges.


Protects from harsh weather and UV radiation so can last twice as long as traditional roofs.


Provides habitat and green corridors for native plants, birds, animals and insect species.


Irrigated and designed to thrive in their elevated environment with low maintenance needs.


Our results speak for themselves from the day of installation and as they continue to live out their natural lifespan.



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