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Haganta Plum Tree plant Care and Growing Tips

Haganta Plum Tree plant

In Recent year the trend is to grow beautiful fruit plant in the backyard garden or the rooftop garden. Many gardeners want haganta plum tree plant in their house so we have created this blog for you guys.

How many type of fruit plants do you have in your garden? and what is the most difficult fruit plant you have ever grown?

Haganta Plum information

Learn about the details of the Haganta plum

Season of Plum Tree

early September or mid September is the best time for Plum Tree growing.

Plum Tree Uses

Eat fresh as this is fruit.


This plant is resistance to disease is Good

Other Information on Plum Tree

Haganta is one of the heaviest-cropping of all plums (although not in the same league as Victoria). The stone separates quite easily from the flesh (free-stone).


Haganta Plum Care tips

Where to find the plant for havanta plum? Do not worry about finding the plant to grow yourself because haganta plum is too easy to find in your local nursery.

It is advisable to start with saplings, rather than seeds because it is more beneficial.

Before planting the haganta plum make sure soak the plant in the water for one hour. dig a hole in the garden in the desired location and put the plant after one hour.

It is relatively simple if you have grown the fruits tree before.

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