Garden fountain DIY

How to make beautiful Garden fountain DIY

Garden fountain DIY

We all love fountain in the garden it represent how beautiful a garden is and also it increase the beauty of the garden.We have written this blog so you can create Garden fountain DIY.

After learning from this guide please make sure to comment about when you will start preparing your own fountain.


How to make Garden Fountain

Before creating your fountain you have to first learn how fountain work.

Fountain consist of a tank that hold the water and placement of the tank is always at the Bottom. A pump is submersible inside the water tank that will pump the water at the top of the fountain.

This pump and pipe are both hidden to create natural look.when we start the pump water will pump to the top and it will fall back on the tank.

This way the fountain will keep on working and it will keep on making our garden beautiful.

Selecting the fountain design

Now that you have learned the basis of the fountain it is time to learn how to design your first fountain.

In the design process you have to make sure to follow these basic point.

  • Water tank should be big and should have a space to hide the pump.
  • The path of the water fall should be beautiful and slow so water do not go out of the fountain.
  • Pipe and wire should be hidden.
  • You your creativity in creating your own fountain design.

Beautiful fountain design ideas

We have selected some easy fountain design ideas that you can build by your own with some creativity.

Garden fountain DIY
Garden fountain DIY

Selecting the Pump for Fountain

There is a specific pump that can be really helpful for this type of DIY it is the solar powered pump and that will be easy to hide. It will be also easy to install this pump in your dream garden.

solar fountain pump
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