Only Nighttime Blooming Flowers

Flowers that Bloom at Night

Some flowers may not bloom at all times. This blog post will highlight some flowers that bloom at night.

Chocolate Daisy

The chocolate flower, Berlandiera Lyrata, blooms at night and releases its delicious chocolate scent until the early hours of the morning.

Chocolate daisy flower with small yellow petals with tiny burgundy pollen filaments closeup

Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night only blooms once in a couple years. It will bloom once every two years. But, be prepared for a spectacular show. On summer nights, the nocturnal cactus may open multiple large flowers at once.


Datura wrightii is known by many names like datura, moonflower, jimsonweed, angel’s trumpe and has quite an interesting history.

We love the moonflower’s silky white blooms, which open at night and attract sphinx moths as well as other pollinators.

Datura innoxia Mill. flower, buds and foliage.jpg

‘Red Flare’ Water Lily

Nymphea ‘Red Flare’A tropical water lily that has bright red blooms that float high above bogs and lakes throughout the night.

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