Extinct plant

Extinct Plants | 5 Beautiful Plants that does not Exist in 2018

Extinct Plans That does not exist now 

Yes ! Global warming is increasing and trees and plants are extincting from the earth. There are some of the plant that Extinct and we can only see them in photos. This is the list of 5 Extinct plants that you will never see in your life.

These plants now exist in the Books only.


1. stanhope tree

The Sigillaria tree is one you would probably find strange today. It’s a tree that doesn’t reproduce via seeds, like today’s deciduous and coniferous trees do.

It was a spore-bearing, tree-like plant that flourished in the late Carboniferous period.

Araucarioxylon Arizonicum

3-araucarioxylon arizonicum

The tree was truly remarkable. It had an enormous trunk and is sometimes called “rainbow wood” because of the wide variety of colors that fossilized parts of the tree can provide.

Red and yellow colors are caused by iron oxide. Some trees may look purple due to fine spherules of hematite found in the quartz matrix.

Wood’s cycad

6. Encephalartos_woodii_young_stem_cone_lower_leaflets_12_09_2010

Wood’s Cycad is endemic to the oNgoye Forest of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Only a cluster of four specimens was ever found (1895), and that number fell to a single three meter high tree in 1916. It was that year the the tree was removed and sent to the Government Botanist in Pretoria, where it later did in 1964.

All remaining specimens of the tree are clones of this final trunk. Unless a female specimen is found, it will never naturally reproduce again. It has, however, successfully been hybridized with Encephalartos natalensis.

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