Crassula plant money

Crassula Plant |This plant attracts money like magnet !!

Crassula plant | This plant attract money like magnet

You know money does not grow on tree you have to work hard to get money.but even after getting so much money you are still not happy with your financial situation? Crassula plant can help you in your money problem.

According to vastu sastra it is said that crassula plant can bring money luck in your life.

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How many of you have the Crassula the money plant in your home? please let us know in the comment section.

Crassula is also low maintenance plant. it does not required much time and caring.

Water : Can be watered in 2 to 3 alternate days.

crassula plant

Location of the plant :  It is a shade loving the indoor plant and easily adjustable and kept in almost any part of the house.

Do you want to have these Crassula plant in your own dream garden than try these to start with.

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