Black Tomatoes | Yes They Exist !

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black tomatoes

After reading our black rose flowers you must be think what else can make you excited! But wait let us share the details of the black tomatoes they exist  and available to buy seeds online. The darkest tomato we know of! A dark, meaty, very rich-fleshed tomato with extreme anthocyanin expression (same antioxidant in blueberries and blackberries). So dark that … Read More

Flowers That Bloom at Night Only

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Flowers that bloom in night

Flowers That Bloom at Night Not all flowers will bloom at the day time some of the flowers that bloom at night are included in this blog post. Chocolate Daisy The chocolate flower, Berlandiera lyrata, blooms at night, releasing its heavenly chocolate scent until early in the morning. Queen of the Night Queen of the night only blooms once every … Read More

Mogra Plant Information | How to Grow

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mogra plant information

Mogra is really popular plant in gardening and also in movies dialogue. But do you know how It is grown and what care has to be provided in growing mogra plant? But, First do you know what is called mogra in English and scientific name of the mogra plant. English Name of Mogra– Jasminum Botanical Name – Jasminum sambac Jasminum plant geographic … Read More

Impatiens Walleriana | Care and Tips | Flower

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Impatient Flowers

Impatiens Walleriana Plant information and Tips  Impatiens are the most common type of the flowers you will see in any garden. They are called impatiens walleriana. Why they are so popular because of the variety of the color. Impatiens flowers are white, red, pink, violet, coral, purple, and (a relative newcomer) yellow. The name of the plant is latin origin and impatiens, … Read More

Dancing Plant – Plant that loves party

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Dancing plant

Dancing Plant Would you like to dance with the plant? If you think plants are boring you will be wrong after watching this plant dancing on the music.Do not get too excited it will not dance like Shakira or MJ it but dancing plant will entertain you for sure. Codariocalyx motorius (though often placed in Desmodium), known as the telegraph plant, dancing … Read More

Brahma Kamal Flower

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Brahma kamal flowers

Brahma Kamal Flower Brahma kamal flower is a really rare and unique flower of india. this white color flower looks like lotus flower that is why it is called as brahma kamal. You will read why this flower is considered holy and what is so rare in this flower. But, first let us know about the English and scientific name … Read More

How to Make Bonsai Tree

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bonsai tree

How to Make Bonsai Tree BASICS OF BONSAI There are a few simple rules and steps of growing a bonsai successfully and if the guidelines are followed properly, the miniature trees will be things of beauty forever. STEP 1: SELECTING A TREE Select a tree that is indigenous to one’s climate and environment and which is easily obtainable. The tree can … Read More

Meaning of Succulent Plants in Hindi

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succulent plant india

Meaning of Succulent Plants in Hindi Succulents are popular worldwide but do you know what is the common names of the plants in india? NO? In this blog post you will understand Meaning of succulent plants in Hindi. Many plant families have multiple succulents found within them (over 25 plant families). In some families, such as Aizoaceae, Cactaceae, and Crassulaceae, … Read More