Thumb cactus (Mammillaria Matudae)| Information

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thumb cactus

Thumb Cactus (Mammillaria Matudae )| Information  Mammillaria matudae is a columnar cactus that offsets basally to form wide clusters in time. The stem is quite tidy in youth and tends to recline as it elongates giving the old plant a characteristic sprawling habit. Thumb Cactus is called by this name because of the shape of the plant. If you have this … Read More

This Cute Plant That Reacts On Your Touch?

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plant react when touch

This Cute Plant That Reacts On Your Touch? You love to touch the plant and flowers in your garden. But there is a plant will not like to be touched by anyone.This cute plant that reacts on your touch. You will see the change in this plant position when you the touch the plant. But we will be happy if … Read More

Bhui Amla | Most effective plant for Hepatitis

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Bhui amla

Bhui Amla Treat Hepatitis A, B and C Bhui amla grow as a weed in the North India. Is it not considered useful because it is a type of weed. Let’s learn how bhui alma can be effective in hepatitis. Bhui Amla Location India, China, Philippines, Cuba, Nigeria, Guam, and West Africa, America. and  in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Sikkim, … Read More