Women Surround Plants Live Longer Really

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Woman plants

Women Surround Plants Live Longer Really We all know that green plant and healthy living can increase the life spam of the person.This report will prove that women surround plants live longer really is it possible? Let’s start the blog post but before going into the blog post share this blog post to let your family and friend to be … Read More

Low Maintenance Balcony Plants | Easy to Grow

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Balcony gardening

Low Maintenance Balcony Plants In this fast moving world it is hard to maintain the garden because it take so much time to maintain plants. Plants are demanding and they need maintenance.We have created this list of low maintenance balcony plants. These plants are easy to grow and they can grow more easily and required less water and time dedication. … Read More

Mogra Plant Information | How to Grow

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mogra plant information

Mogra is really popular plant in gardening and also in movies dialogue. But do you know how It is grown and what care has to be provided in growing mogra plant? But, First do you know what is called mogra in English and scientific name of the mogra plant. English Name of Mogra– Jasminum Botanical Name – Jasminum sambac Jasminum plant geographic … Read More

How to Make Bonsai Tree

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bonsai tree

How to Make Bonsai Tree BASICS OF BONSAI There are a few simple rules and steps of growing a bonsai successfully and if the guidelines are followed properly, the miniature trees will be things of beauty forever. STEP 1: SELECTING A TREE Select a tree that is indigenous to one’s climate and environment and which is easily obtainable. The tree can … Read More

Dhaniya Powder in English

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dhaniya powder in English

Dhaniya Powder in English Dhaniya is used daily in the kitchen from dressing and also as spices. Dhaniya powder is grinded Dhaniya seeds with and dried. This powder is really popular in the kitchen. Dhaniya Powder In English – Coriander powder   

Kakadi in English | Meaning of Kakadi in English

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WHAT IS CALLED KAKDI IN ENGLISH? Very hard question if you are searching and not getting an answer? Because In most of the places Kakdi in English is called Cucumber but in India Cucumber is used For Khira.So learn the meaning of Kakadi in English. KAKDI IN ENGLISH – ARMENIAN CUCUMBER KAKDI IN SCIENTIFIC NAME – “CUCUMIS MELO VAR. UTILISSIMUS” Cucumber … Read More