Butterfly Blue Pea | How I Grow in my Garden

Butterfly Blue Pea | How I grow it in my Garden

I start planting Butterfly Blue Pea in my father’s front yard house 4 years ago. I read many times that this plant has medicinal value like any other herbs. It’s been said by old folks the flowers can treat red eyes and many more.
Since I love natural remedies, I like to learn about the benefit of some herbs and decided to search others herbs to add to my collection when I moved into our own house 2 years ago. Along with the herbs, I also plant vegetables and flowers too.

It is crucial to have our own kitchen garden which is organically grown since it’s hard to get the supply from the local farmers market. There is no organic section and we had to ask if the vegetables and fruit are free of pesticide. The nearest town which sells organic stuff was an hour from our house.

The Butterfly Pea Flower or Bunga Telang we called in Malay has its popular dish named Nasi Kerabu. It is a Malay rice dish and it served with Uam (raw salad), herb, salted eggs, spicy sambal sauce and fried fish or chicken which prepared separately from scratch.

Other than Nasi Kerabu, Butterfly Blue Pea Flower was used in various foods and drinks such as Onde-onde, the traditional Malay dessert, blue porridge, cookies, cakes or even ice cream. As for me, I loved to make it flower tea with mint and when we add lemon it will change color to purple. I also blend the flower essence with coconut milk, it’s so tasty and creamy that became my children’s favorite.

Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers really easy to grow. After two weeks sowing, the seeds will be germinated. It is a durable plant which loves both sunny or even rainy days. It makes beautiful and abundance blue flower in your garden especially if you let it grow on your fence.

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